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Is There Too Much Pressure on Teenagers To Go To College?

After the students graduated from senior high school, they need to plan every single thing related to their future. After they graduated, they will ask themselves such as, what should they do? Do I need to go to the college or university? Or maybe I just need to find some jobs that suitable for me. Actually there are many options for our future. You can either go to college or find some jobs to earn money. Both of the choices are not an easy task to do. If you want to find some jobs, you need a special skill that can help you to get the job. So, it’s definitely not easy. For going to college, it is also not an easy task to do. If you want to go to college, you need to prepare yourself for the qualification test and of course you must pass the test if you want to enter the college. Because of that, pressure on teenagers to go to college and pass the qualification test cannot be avoided. They need to work really hard to enter the college which they choose by themselves.

Many teenagers cannot enter the college just because they didn’t pass the qualification test. And nowadays, this kind of case happens a lot. Before they do the qualification test, they need to prepare everything that related to the test. They need to spend their free time to study for the test and they would also think about the result which can lead them to stress and under way too much pressure. Even their family can also give the pressure to them. Why? Because there are some parents who always push and force their children to enter the college with a good score, so they will get some counting for their tuition. But, for the teenagers it becomes a big burden and they feel too much pressure on it.

After they enter the college, they will start to feel very tired because of the packed schedule and a lot of assignments. “I’ve been in school for three weeks and it’s already hectic, because you get thrown into all this college stuff” said by one of the students. Scholarship is also one of the problems which make the teenagers feel pressure from it. They need to find their own scholarship, because they cannot pay for the tuition. As you know that the tuition for college is really expensive and the price gets higher and higher every year. So, that’s why they need to study really well and get a good score if they want the scholarship. This is also the reason why they feel the pressure to go to college.

Some teenagers, who go to college, didn’t find it hard and make them stress out. They just enjoy their college life and do all the things that they have to. They never think that college is a pressure for them. They just take it positively and do well to have a good score. Rather than a pressure, they think college life is a motivation for them to work harder and help them to realize that life is not easy. So, that’s why they need to work harder. But still the students have to go through a lot of difficulties and pressure too. No matter what, they need to study well and get a good score, so they can get the scholarship. If just the tuition fee is not really expensive, they won’t get this kind of pressure from it. And they can enjoy their college life without thinking about their tuition.

People can choose whether they want to enter the collage or not. There is also some possibility that they want to earn money instead of entering the college. It depends on the people’s choices. They cannot fell like they were being pushed to go to college. They need to learn to decide everything by themselves. People will help us such as giving some advice, but we are the one who decide our future. So, it will be better if you do something that you like without being pressured by other people and decide everything for your future.


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