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Himpunan Mahasiswa Sastra Inggris

Student Organisation of Bina Nusantara University's English Literature Department


This year, we will start our event in May, which is our annual event, P2M, which is a social event and we will collaborate in this event with other organizations; HIMJA and HIMANDA as a form for our concern in our surroundings. We also participate in an event with several other organizations that will be held in hopefully June, the event is called Big Collaboration. In this event, we will work with organizations from varied faculties. HIMSI also plan an international event in the next month, a study tour, which can be participated from other faculties, we plan to go abroad and stay in a university there for a couple days to broaden our knowledge and perspectives toward this education world. In August, we will celebrate HIMSI’s birthday also have a big gathering will members of HIMSI; both the former ones and the present ones, the passive members of HIMSI are welcome to join, too. The intention of this event is to make the relationship between each members becomes more intensive. TKH or as known as Temu Keakraban Himpunan will be held in September after FEP for the new binusian is finished, this event is also a collaboration between HIMSI, HIMJA and HIMANDA, it is an annual event that the three of us welcome the new members of  the trio literary departments.

In October, we will also have our annual event, NEC (National English Competition), this event will be joined by both junior high school students and college students. As how it sounds, NEC is a national event, all students from Indonesia are welcome to compete their ability and interest in English. This year’s NEC will be a little bit different. Unlike all the previous NECs. We will have an addition of music performance to spice up the competition. In this very month, we also have a training for the future head of divisions in this organization, as known as LDK (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan) Staff. Getting closer to the end of the year, in December, we will have a training for the new activists of HIMSI, we believe that each of our new activists has a sense of leadership within themselves to be the successor of HIMSI, we just have to help them to dig their potentials deeper, this LDK (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan) Activist will be the last event of HIMSI in 2018.

That would be the full journey of HIMSI in 2018. All the members of HIMSI will try their best to fulfill all this year events with spirit and joy because in the end, as what we all believe and what we all learned from day one in this organization, HIMSI is a family after all.

PRESIDENT : Dinda Mahar Ramadhani

TREASURER : Halida Noor Lizya Hanif





Journalism Club

Under HIMSI, Journalism Club publishes a magazine titled Glides once every two months. The copies are limited but free and can be picked up at the English Department Main Office in Kijang Campus. The e-magazine version is also available. The content always revolves around pop culture, recent updates from English Department, and many more.

Check out the latest two volumes of Glides Volume 18 and Volume 19

Competition Club

Competition Club is where students of English Literature can prepare themselves for competitions. Competition Club also acts as a place for The English Department to easily send talented students for competitions that The English Department of BINUS University is invited.

Drama Club

The Drama Club of the English Department is a club who practices the arts of theatrical performance using English. They performed classical plays, original plays, and several other kinds of plays.

Movie Club

Movie Club is a part of English Department that serves as a media of learning and experiencing culture from movies. Movie Club presents any genre of movie from action, romance to horror.

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