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Left Brain vs. Right Brain: The Dominance Myth

I’m absolutely a left-brain person, well I’m very good at math. Ever think of that? We all know the very famous theory of brain, left brain is for logic, and right brain is for imagination and creativity. Each of them has their own specialty, but does that mean everyone become a one side dominance person? Before we talk about it, let’s talk about what brain is first.

The human brain is a complex organ having approximately 3 pounds components that contains about 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections. As the central of your body, brain is responsible to make you think, feel, and do something. It divided into two halves, which called hemispheres. While comparing them, these two sides look so much alike, but their information processing is totally different. But, that doesn’t mean they work independently as they connected with each other through nerve fibers.

A research in 1960 by the psychobiologist and Nobel Prize winner, Roger W. Sperry created a famous theory, stated people are either dominant in their left or right brain. If you are good with analytical thinking or math, you are left-brained. On the other hand, the right-brained tend to be more creative or artistic.

From the theory, left brain is handling tasks regarding logic, language, and logical thinking. It works better on:

  • Language
  • Logic
  • Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Facts

In other hand, right brain handles expressive and creative tasks best. It is doing great on:

  • Creativity
  • Music
  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Art

That is the well-known theory that most people believe. But, do we only have one dominant brain? Later researches show that the theory is not true, take one example from a research at the University of Utah, where 1000 participants had their brain analyzed to determine which side they prefer to choose. This study reveals that in the end, on average, both sides of the brain do their activity equally.

In the end, all activities involve both of our brain. Research shows that, we can do math best when both sides of the brain collaborate together. The left brain will handle the mathematics equations, while the right brain is working on comparisons and rough estimates. One example has shown that each side is important and equal. So, make sure your brain will always be put in a good condition. Keep it sharp, polish it well, and be amazed with the true capability of your brain.


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Written By
Azriel Hutagalung
Manager of BNEC Public Relations | Computer Engineering BINUS University
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