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4 Things You Should Know Before Applying For a Job

Hip, Hip, Hooray ….. !!  What’s up, BNECers? We’ve finally hit the last month of 2016, and year 2017 is just around the corner. Nothing beats the excitement for the holiday spirit, the joyful atmosphere, and obviously a fresh start for us to achieve our goals in 2017, Yup, or we commonly say it with “New Year, New Me.” Have you guys ready to make new extraordinary revolution for the next year?

So, to celebrate the upcoming new year for the new me, BNEC is going to give you 4 ultimate tips and trick to ace the job or intern interview and avoiding mistakes to do while in Interview process. This tips absolutely worth a try if you want to get hired in your dream job next year. Curious enough? Let’s check this out! Whoop~

  1. “Yeah, at least I got a job” type of person.


People tend to apply aggressively for the job vacancies without getting a proper information about its company and job description when they’re about to give up. But, apparently those are the most important key factors to determine your success in the future carrier. It’s not only about seeking the opportunity, but your passion towards the job to make you enjoy to the fullest. There are websites that’ll help you find a job that matches to your passion, like,, and

  1. Make an Impressive CV

CV is an illustration as your chance to give the best first impression you can to the company. So, it’s highly suggested to show your inner strength, with some important points that you should input, such as personal info, your latest education background to support, any working and organizational experience that relevant, achievement, skills, and it has to be NOT MORE than 2 pages.

To add more “professionality”, you can touch-up your CV with an eye-catching design that match to your background. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Photoshop-geek, cause there are many creative sources that can give you free template design, like and Pinterest. Now you will have an extraordinary looking CV J


  1. Be a Smart Candidate


Once you got a call from the company that you’ve applied for, it’s best to learn about its company vision and mission, also adding your perspective why you’d like to be part of them and showing your plan to contribute for the sake of the company. With this, they will get a clear purpose to hire you!

Besides that, it’s more likely to have series of recruitment step that you probably will follow, like FGD ( Focus Group Discussion ), Depth Interview, and other simulator test before getting accepted to a job. So before it’s too late, learn as much as you can about things that might be asked, which is related with your job description. And also, you can check to know further about each company recruitment process!


  1. Don’t Underestimate Interview



One of the common mistake is to underestimate Interview session, when it is the way company will also look into your behavior, so it’s better to show your positive energy. There are manner that you have to know, like sit politely, not checking your phone during the session, and listen carefully what your Interviewer trying to say. Remember, Interview should not always be done formally, you can even create a good friendly atmosphere, by adding jokes or asking about the work environment, just try to break the ice.

With friendly and good communication skill, you will get plus point! But most importantly, be YOURSELF and don’t make something up. Just relax and be comfortable, try your hardest to give the good vibes.

So, there’s it! 4 Tips to remember before applying job from BNEC. What do you think, BNECers? If you have any valuable job hunting experience, please share with us, we’d love to know!

Cheers !






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