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English in Diversity

There’s a phrase saying, “English unites the world”, and it’s unarguably right. No matter where you go, you’ll find English language at least on a sign. We can find English language almost everywhere, that’s why making English as one of the most important language to be understood. Other than that, English is widely used in every International education for the curriculums, business transactions, scientific publications, and many more as the strong influences from the super power countries in our life aspects.

It was all started back in the 16th century when British colonies expanded its territory to the America continent, then sailing through to the Asia region started in the 17th century until 20th century for trading and colonizing. In those journey, British colonies was successfully ruled about a quarter part of the world countries. That’s the main reason why English language has been strongly affected the global.

And in this article, we are going to bring up some differentiation of English language applied in some countries that have been colonized by The Great Britain Empire! Curious enough? Let’s check it out.

  1. Canadian English


One thing is really unique from Canadian English is, they tend to add “eh” as an expression in the last sentence, like “Nice weather today, eh?”. Canadian people also pronounce “about”, more like “a boot”, and “house”, as “ a hose”. One other significant difference, you can see double l, like travelled or levelled, when Americans think one l is enough.

  1. Australian English


In Australian English, we could find some differences on words they usually use, some examples are “a good lurk” for a good job, and Absolutely for “Reckon!”. After that, in Australian accents, they pronounce “I” like “oi”, so it’s going to be Moiley Coirus, rather than Mailey Cyrus”.

In Australian accent, people tend to remove the last vowel in T’s R’s, G’s, so it will sound more like Dark Videh, instead of Dark Vider, and the last, Australian people will ask questions without a proper question words, it’s more likely to be “Cold outside?” with question tones.

  1. Singaporean English


Singaporean English is one of the most phenomenal English accents in history, we know that Singaporean tend to use “Chinese dialect” and adding some Chinese casual forms, such as “just take it, lah!”, “aiyoh” for shocked expression, or “siao” for describe something “crazy”.

Besides that, in Singaporean English or Singlish as we like to call it, they like to shortened words with incorrect grammar. Instead of asking with “what time is it now?”, Singaporeans would simply ask “now what time?”

  1. South African English


Since South Africa is located in Africa continent, it has some parts of dialect and words which mixed from Afrikaans language and some Dutch language which make it really unique. Here are some examples, In South African, they will say yes as “yebo”, or nice for “lekker”. When they want to greet each other in an informal way, they say “Howzit my chommie?” . We can say South African English has still a strong influence from the Afrikaans language.

They pronounce “I”, as same with “ayr” or saying Iphone like “Ah Phone”. They also pronounce No more like “Noouhh”.


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