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How to Prepare for University Life

Hello there future aspiring students! And if you come to Binus University, we give a warm welcome to be part of Binusians here. Yup, nothing beats the excitement of going to a new phase of your life, where you are going to face a lot of “life-changing” moment when you decide to enter the higher studies, whether it’s college, university, or learning center, it’s because you are going to face the true reality and be ready to live your life by your own when you graduate soon.

Joining university might be a little bit frightening for you, but it shouldn’t be so much tense when you know what to do in order to survive university and making your time in here to the fullest while you are pursuing something that you love. So, here are some tips that would help you to prepare yourself and enjoying your university life for every bit! Let’s check it out.

  1. Be Socialize and Get To Know Each Other

You’re about to enter a new environment, so, it’s good to acknowledge your campus first. Starting off with exploring your campus facilities, such like your classes, library, computer labs, and finally the spots around your campus, these will help you to adapt quickly to your new city or neighborhood!

And don’t forget to be friends as much as you can in your first year and in your orientation program. You can start a conversation by asking them their major or how are they doing and it will lead to long conversation, just open yourself and try to show your interest. And don’t forget to join any student units and attend campus events! Finding true friends is super important as it will make you to keep motivated and get many relations for your future.



  1. Organize Your Lifestyle

Stepping into University means you have huge responsibility, especially if you live miles away from your parents. Make sure that you find a suitable housing to live with comfortable spaces and yet it’s convenient to go to campus. Besides that, don’t turn be nocturnal, it’s not cool to don’t have a miserable lifestyle.

No matter if you live with your parents or on your own, budgeting is a must. Since university life might be a little tempting for you, try not to spend too much for things that you don’t need and dining out too often. It’s best to learn how to cook something simple to keep your budget on track.


  1. Improve Soft-Skill

Improving soft skills is as important as achieving good academic in university. What is soft-skills? It’s the way you show your intelligence about interpersonal and social. Soft skills are required to support a better educational life, and here are some examples of it :

  • Time Management

It allows you to organize and to finish your task or your goal on time, like finishing your project, assignments, attend your class and so on. If you are not used to set everything on time, you’re most likely going to be messed up.

  • Note-taking

Practice from now how to take notes properly, getting notes for the last minute before exam is always been frustrating. Find your most effective method how to take notes and study the materials given by your lectures.

  • Communication or Presentation Skills

No doubt that you will present your work in front of your class, to make it more interesting and to catch the audience attention, you need to practice the way you communicate and bring the presentation. Remember! Confidence and the material comprehension are always the key.


  1. Be Responsible

And for the last but not least, BE RESPONSIBLE! Avoid to leave all of your work until the last minute. Sometimes it’s really tempting to procrastinate due the long deadline, until it comes to the day. Try to do your assignment day by day to avoid being rush and you will have plenty of time to work on the other important stuff!

Don’t forget to balance your studies, social life and work commitments, remember, something that too over is not good for you. University must be a good time to make friends and socializing, yet you are building your future. Hope this guide will help you to be a successful aspiring student!

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