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BINUS University Students’ Favorite Dining Spots in Kemanggisan, West Jakarta

31 / 07 / 2016

This month, we would like to share cool dining spots located at Kemanggisan, especially for BINUS University freshmen who are quite new here. Welcome to BINUS! But really, you must try all these well-known and good dining spots because they’re all cool and comfy places. Especially for BINUS University students, you really should!


  1. Bubur Ayam Pasundan

Ps: Eshtravaganza

Bubur ayam Pasundan (Pasundan chicken porridge) is a legend itself, and one of the favorites among BINUS University students. They even said that other delicious porridges could never be compared to this. The savory porridge is really good, yet the tender shredded chickens top it. If they’re still not enough, you can always add skewered chicken skins that taste super good!

  1. Kedai Lante Satu

Ps: Liandro N. I. Siringoringo

Kedai Lante Satu is also one of the favorite dining spots for BINUS University students. Besides serving good coffee, the foods here are also delicious. You can select a variety of archipelago coffee from the menu. Oh, and the Rawon Ibu is also very good, yet they’re not stingy with the meat serving.

  1. Coteca


One of the coziest places hidden in the BINUS area, having great atmosphere with free flow of lemon drink. The place is also comfy, and serves as the right place for a chitchat with friends. Their beverage choices vary from coffee, tea, to chocolate.

  1. Waroeng Western

Ps: Nasikotakwawes

Waroeng Western is a considerably new restaurant in the BINUS area that became well-known not long after its opening. After eating their BBQ Chicken Noodle as well as their Satay Seasoned Chicken Steak, you will surely come again and ask for more. Their porridge is also not bad. Unique concepts of common foods that are mixed with the typical western style bore delicious results that can be tasted right in this dining spot. Also by using BNEC Card, you can get FREE lemon tea!

  1. Mister Lee

Ps: Seeties

With the authentic concept of a Japanese style restaurant, Mister Lee has also become one of the favorite dining spots in the BINUS area. They have many choices of Japanese foods ranging from donburi, soba, to bento. What made BINUS University students come to this place are the free WiFi and also the nice prices that they have to offer. If you want to try it, don’t forget to bring your BNEC Card to get FREE sweet ice tea at Mister Lie!

  1. Cortado

Ps: Lulabbyspoon

Cortado was established in the year of 2015, and has since become one of the most frequented places among BINUS University students. There are always people who sit and relax in this place because of their comfy, cozy atmosphere. Their coffee is really fresh, especially their Vietnamese coffee added with churros; simply extraordinary! There are also other varieties, such as juices, teas, and other coffees, as well as their equally great western food choices. If you want to get FREE ice tea at Cortado, show them your BNEC Card and you will automatically get one!

  1. Bubur Ayam Bang Tatang

Ps: Qraved

Other than bubur ayam Pasundan, bubur ayam Bang Tatang is also a must for you in case you are hungry at night. This place is always crowded, even though it’s small. The toppings, consisting of cut fritter dough, fried onions, and shredded chickens are always served in great portions; that people are always left satisfied after eating this.

  1. Maple Plate

Ps: Puffbelly

Maple Plate is also one of the restaurants that opened recently, yet managed to draw the attention of many BINUS University students not long after their opening because of their superb combination of desserts. You can choose between waffles and pancakes, either topped with ice creams or combined with their other varieties and sauces. Matcha and vanilla ice cream waffle with honey and peanut has a taste of heaven and has always been a favorite. Bring your BNEC Card to get FREE sweet ice tea!


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