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Life Lesson of Aikido

Life Lesson of Aikido

“When an opponent comes forward, move in and greet him; if he wants to pull back, send him on his way.” – Morihei Ueshiba

Many people think that martial arts are created for combat, but originally they were created for people so that they can survive outside world. That kind of thinking is not totally wrong but not right either. We learn how to master your own mind and master your own body from many kinds of type martial arts , some of them even teach about self-realization, inner peace, or something similar. Through the practice we become aware of what we think and why. What shapes our values and beliefs, and then we can step back and look at it with more of a pure mind.

Aikido is of those kind of martial arts, from “The Spirit of Aikido” by Kisshōmaru Ueshiba and the main idea of Aikido is “Aiki is the power of harmony, of all beings, all things working together”. Aikido is primarily focused on budo “way of martial arts” which has three levels of mastery physical, psychological and spiritual. It seems that the most logical step is the first: the physical. But during the years the main attractiveness is the psychological and spiritual. The basic idea is that harmony and love would bring much more benefits than plain old warfare and competition. Loose the ego and be present in the energy of all things living.

Ai Ki Do means “Harmony” “Spirit” “Way” Aikido is the way of harmonizing the spirit using qi, Aikido is about self-control, humility, and flexibility, Aikido is the way of harmonizing the spirit using qi. Like meditation, it is about purifying the self and training the mind. The conflict, the opponent, of this martial art is not an “enemy”; it is the weaker parts of our spirit.

Meaning of aikido ai ki do

From Aikido we learn aikido in same time we learn a life lesson, it was lesson you get no just from quotes or from teaching, but it come to as an experience we feel and do. Here is some of that life lesson we can learn from it:

  1. Accept and peaceful solution

In aikido we learn to not use a forceful move or offensive move. Some technique will fail and backfired when used, but if you mastered the techniques you can surprised the opponent as the techniques are design to be executed in a very swift and fast movement without having you to make an offensive move but rather it’s a form of defense. From that you can know that aikido teaches us to search a most possible harmless way to defense ourselves.

Aikido teaches a special technique called Tenkan. This is a move that diffuses the energy of an opponent’s attack. This move teaches that being too forceful can be our own downfall.

  1. Patience and discipline

Many martial arts teach us patience but aikido does it in a different way, in martial arts most of them require an endurance, discipline, and hard work. But in aikido is hard to stay discipline, aikido teaches us a way of peace that do not require any offensive move, many people do martial arts just for showing off and not because of the love for the art which will make them impatient. But in aikido as there’s no offensive moves that you could show off and it took a lot of time to learn the techniques not many people stay long learning it. Even so the ones that are willing to stay mostly have the patience to learn the arts itself.

  1. Becoming a peaceful people and a warrior

Morihei Ueshiba or known as O’sensei teaches us that, ”There are no contests in the Art of Peace. A true warrior is invincible because he or she contests with nothing. Defeat means to defeat the mind of contention that we harbor within.”, aikido make us develop a mindset of to be peaceful people, aikido help us to not search or make a conflict, but ends it with the most harmless way but it doesn’t mean we are weak on the contrary it makes us into a respectable people in society.

  1. Face the problem

Aikido teach us not to run from trouble but face it with a calm mind, many techniques in aikido use opponent momentum and force to disarm them, this teach us to solve a problem with more efficient way in calm. As Sensei said,” Do not look upon this world with fear and loathing. Bravely face whatever the gods offer.”

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