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Introduction to Aikido

Most of the time our friends ask us, what is Aikido? What do they do? Is it like Judo? etc.. Many of those questions are caused by the unpopularity of Aikido in Indonesia. So, now we’re going to answer some question while explaining what Aikido is.

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  • Is Aikido similar to Judo?

While there are some moves that is the same, Aikido and Judo are different types of martial arts. Judo focuses more on throws and chokes while Aikido focuses more on locking the opponent joints. Judo itself is also more offensive, for example pulling the opponent to make them lose balance. Aikido is more passive since it only have a few moves for attacks and that the basis of Aikido is to counter opponent moves.


  • What kind of moves does Aikido have?

The move that we learn in Aikido Binus focuses on joint locks, arm locks, and throws. Aikido techniques are to redirect an opponent momentum of attack against them. The moves are executed in a short period of time so that the opponent doesn’t have time to counter it. This makes Aikido moves looks like it flows elegantly.


  • What sort of training does Aikido do?

The training session is mostly the same to many sports club. We start from warm-ups then practicing some techniques and close it with cooling down. Techniques are practiced in pairs and the pairs are alternated after a while. The pairs itself is composed of an uke (the person that receive the techniques) and a nage (the person that execute the techniques), their roles are switched after every moves.


  • Does Aikido have a competition?

There is supposedly none, since Aikido is not meant to be competed for. Even though there is one abroad that was popularized by one of the Aikido lines.


  • Can Aikido be used as a self-defense?

Yes, of course. Visually Aikido techniques looks smooth but they actually locks the opponent real well. In Aikido Binus we are also taught how to counter a bad situation on the road.

So come and join us! We have training every Monday and Thursday at 18.30 in the 3rd floor hall of Syahdan Campus. See you there !!

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