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Jonathan Siahaan went to Vietnam for Global Citizen!

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t because of my first AIESEC IN BINUS experience in Vietnam! It was a really life-changing experience for me that through it I found my passion, what I want to do, and what I got to do. The project that I was the part of has gained myself lots of skills that you don’t get from books. With AIESEC BINUS, I got to meet a lot of people. I have taught many students in different schools. I have become good friends with other exchange participants from other countries that will always be welcoming whenever I’m visiting. I have traveled to many places and cities with them during our free time.

Last but not least, I also got a chance to stay with a really wonderful family that made my stay feel like home. It’s never a dull experience with AIESEC BINUS! If you don’t know what you’re doing right now and feel kind of lost in your major, I suggest you go for an exchange. I guarantee that you’ll find your passion and what you want to become in the future just like I did. Thank you AIESEC BINUS!”

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Oliver Gracias went to Poland for Global Citizen!

“I was given an opportunity to experience how life is in Gdansk, Poland. Aside from wanting to go overseas, I’ve always wanted to challenge myself. So in December 2015, I took “Kid Speak” Project; a project which obligates you to teach young learners. I had to figuree out how to let go of my anxiety—upon realising that I would speak a lot with so many people, I had to to move out from my comfort zone and I am very grateful that I was given such opportunity.

About one month I lived in Gdansk, never once I did not feel excited for everything that AIESEC BINUS had prepared for us the volunteers. Gdansk is a very interesting city ffor me—should I say it is totally different from Jakarta, well, it is literally different. I met lots of people from many parts of the world ad made friends with them. Too often I found myself being fascinated with even the little things that were new for me. I have to say now, living in diversity is amazing.

Now I have lots of friends from many countries in the world. Sadly, knowing the act that we live in different places, we feel the same way—we miss everything. I felt like a dream, it ended so fast.

Thank you AIESEC BINUS for I have gotten my purpose in life now.”

To apply Global Citizen Program, click here!

Evita went to India for Global Talent! 


Interned at Tata Consultancy Services, Hyderabad, India

“Good things are always last forever and bad things will always be a teacher. Working in giant tech company is something that I never imagine before and one between a lot of good things happen here. They will make sure that you understand on what you are doing. Not like any other company in Indonesia who only focusing on the output and you become not more than a robot who get things done with no clue how to create things. Help will always be there for the one who ask for it.”

Wira went to Japan for Global Talent! 


Interned at System Clinic Inc. Kobe, Japan

“It was an amazing experience for me. I learnt so many things from them such as technical skill, business manner and also made an international relationships. Taking an internships at overseas is really important to develop myself as a better individual on my related field and it’s essential in order to compete globally. AIESEC made it really easy for me to get matched with the company. I really recommend you guys to take this lifetime opportunity. I’m sure you’ll learn so many things and gain an unforgettable experience from the host country!”


Ronaldo Johanis
Standards and Satisfaction Manager of Outgoing Exchange 16/17

“AIESEC is the largest youth organization that challenges young people to develop their self. Through AIESEC I found my passion to be leader and open networking with people around the world. For me organization like AIESEC is the way to growing up as a leader and be extraordinary, because if it’s not challenge you it doesn’t change you. I hope young people has to aware about the future and walk together, because I believe if all young people connected to each other, we can make our future better stronger. Now it’s our turn to change the world young man!”


Agita Rahmi Karo-karo
Talent Development Manager 16/17

“AIESEC is an organization that has a goals to make a world better, not only that, AIESEC also make a chance for a youth people to explore their potential more . And for me, AIESEC has change my world, through my ups and downs in AIESEC, I can see that the future is in our hand, youth generation.” So head up your head, we’re on our way to change the world.”


Natasya Tjahjadi
Vice President of Finance and Governance 16/17

“How can I possibly do such things? It’s too much for me, I wouldn’t be able to do it.” lacking self confidence, negative thinker, timid. That’s how I would describe myself back then, before AIESEC. After I have joined AIESEC, my whole life changed. AIESEC has given me the opportunities to develop myself and others, the freedom to fall and get back at my feet, take responsibility for my own choices, enjoy the excitement of meeting new people from any kind of culture and countries. I am now a different person from what I was used to be back then. When it comes to meeting new people and taking opportunities of new experience, count me in!”


Muhammad Jeddy Elvansyah
Local Committee President 16/17

“At first, I literally didn’t believe AIESEC’s vision; how can a person like me create peace and fulfill humankind’s potential? But after I joined AIESEC, my mind was opened. I see the world from different perspective. And now I realized change is like a drop of water. Ripples are made. We contribute to the world with every single thing we do in life. Through the things that we do, we create an impact to our surroundings. That’s how we, AIESECers, the leader of the future, is changing the world to be a better place.”




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